How to Write Your Strategic Objective

strategic objective goalI don’t want to be a product of my environment.

. . . And neither do you.

I want my environment to be a product of ME.

. . . And so do you.

Because I feel this way I have now put together my strategic objective for 2015. I have created two copies of my strategic objective; one for my commonplace andContinue Reading…

The Intelligent Man’s Guide to: Mainstream Media And Mass Culture

The intelligent man's guide to: mainstream media, news, and mass culture“No. . . I don’t like this! Why can’t there be any happy news? This is no fun.”

So said: (a) Britney Spears or (b) Robin Williams or (c) Nelson Mandela.

The correct answer is none of the above.

It was said by. . .Continue Reading…

Best Practices for Getting Ripped and Killing it (in the gym)

how to get rippedI was talking to my friend Filip the other day (he’s the guy in the image).

We were discussing some of the mindsets and best practices behind getting ripped and having great gym workouts. Or as I call it — the philosophy of rippedness.

It was surprising, for us both, to notice how similar the core ideas of our gym-ideologies are.

In this article I’ve summarized some of our main ideas and practical tips.

Both Filip and I got ripped pretty fast after having set out to achieve that goal. He did it inContinue Reading…

How to Have Awesome Workouts [Warning: you may become addicted]

great workout

It’s 4 PM.

That means it’s time to hit the gym. I’ve been looking forward to this all day long.

I don’t need to get ready. I got ready an hour ago.

I am already wearing my gym clothes. I am prepared physically and mentally.

When I have these clothes on me, I feel like lifting heavy weights.Continue Reading…

Another 23 Excellent Books You Should Read

another 23 excellent books you should read

One of the questions I get asked most via email is if I have any good book recommendations.

I do indeed.

23 of them actually.

Most (modern) books contain only 1-3 big ideas. These 23 excellent booksContinue Reading…

Think Like an Investor: Why Rationality Trumps High IQ

Smartass in Hindsight how to select your next investment2

I was watching a video on YouTube of Warren Buffet giving a speech and I saw this comment.

It made me snicker.Continue Reading…

Think Like an Investor: Avoid Mistakes (and why you should play the loser’s game)

avoid mistakes

“An investor needs to make very few things right as long as he avoids big mistakes.”

–Warren Buffett

Charles Ellis wrote the now famous essay The Loser’s Game in 1946. In it, he compares sports — tennis in particular — to investing.

Ellis makes the distinction between a “loser’s game” and a “winner’s game”. In tennis it looks something like this. . .Continue Reading…

Think Like an Investor: Create Your System

investor mindset system

Today I saw an old man walking with a walker (the sort with wheels that you can hold on to for support).

He must’ve been 90-100 years old.

He was dressed sharp, wearing a suit and tie, a hat, and shiny shoes.Continue Reading…