Who is Ludvig Sunström?

Ludvig an entrepreneur and author. Together with European Hedge Fund Manager of the Decade Mikael Syding, he hosts the popular Swedish business podcast “25 Minutes,” which has been ranked #1 on iTunes several times. His content has been read and listened to by millions of people.


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Breaking out of Homeostasis: Get the book

I worked for over two years and read more than 200 books as part of the research to complete my long-awaited book Breaking out of Homeostasis. It became a bestseller in its first week.

Breaking out of Homeostasis is the book to read for young men in a hurry to succeed but also for those who are in the middle of their career and feel like they’re stuck in a rut, or those who’ve made their fortune and want to improve their health and life quality.

It has been praised by the European hedge fund manager of the decade Mikael Syding, intermittent fasting originator Martin Berkhan, and finance billionaire Martin Sandquist.

You can find the Table of Contents (TOC) and Foreword here.

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