Breaking out of Homeostasis


Praise for Breaking out of Homeostasis:

“This book is dangerous. It will make you think painful thoughts about things you could (and should) do differently. But it will also make you explore powerful new frontiers of the mind.”
Mikael Syding, European Hedge Fund Manager of the Decade

“This book primes you for progress. It reminds us that conformity is regression. Read or regress? Your choice.”
Martin Berkhan, Originator of Intermittent Fasting


What is the book about?

From Amazon UK:

Book Description:

This book might be termed as belonging to self-improvement, but it also has the best ideas and most actionable advice from fitness, neuroscience, evolutionary psychology and psychology. There’s also some career advice.

Among other things, you’ll learn (1) how to be more adaptable and stress-tolerant, (2) what it takes to change your life, (3) how to use your brain and feel more alive–with 200 unique exercises, (4) how to increase mental vigilance (5) learn (almost) effortlessly through your pattern recognition, and (6) the most important thing for choosing your career before age ~30.

However, this is not a normal self-improvement book. It’s for those who’ve already made the decision to change. Therefore, it is almost all action-oriented. Not much fluff or inspirational stories. Some have said it’s too hard (too informative), a few have been offended, but no one has said it’s not good.

I have gone from under average, to being on top. This book gives all my practices.


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Some fun stuff you will learn:

  • How to get rid of addictions and change behavior
  • The psychology secret that even Daniel Kahneman missed
  • Why “you’re only using 17% of your brain’s potential” is B.S
  • Why only fools and cowards quit immediately
  • The 4 ways to keep your brain alert and activated (even in old age)
  • How to achieve Mind-Body mastery, like Musashi
  • Why I insist on skipping breakfast and doing longer fasts
  • Why you should wait 1-2 hours after waking up to drink coffee
  • How to stop the 3 evil minions of homeostasis–evolutionary mismatches, cognitive biases, and coping mechanisms–from dragging you down into depressing downward spirals
  • How to get into a Winner Effect (and sustain it for as long as possible with psychological tricks)
  • Why Mike Tyson was able to beat down much bigger guys, like it was nothing, by switching off their brains
  • The reason many smart people don’t succeed, in spite of high IQ and education (Amygdala Slavery)
  • The Good Will Hunting Syndrome – and why there are many closet geniuses you never heard about
  • How to rise in the pecking order and increase your social status

(This is less than 10%)


What readers are saying about it:

These are Amazon Reviews.

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“Perfectly organized. Straight to the point. No BS.

This book is just a gift to whoever wants to stand out on this mediocre world. I’ll definetely summarize and re-read a bunch of times to make sure I drill this information right through my brain.

Thank you Ludvig. Much respect.”

~Cliente Kindle

“Take a look inside the first free pages of the book. You will find a summary and key takeaways, and you’ll be sold instantly. I couldn’t put it down… Pure content. No fillers.”

~Ramiro Damil   


“Almost no good self-development books come out anymore. This is a *great* one. Full of practical ways to grow–and scientific explanations that will convince you of their legitimacy.”

~Kyle Eschenroeder


“Most books in the self-improvement genre fall into one of a few categories: inspiration, mysticism/religion, or specialized advice (how to get fit, how to get rich, how to get laid, etc). Breaking out of Homeostasis goes well beyond those usual offerings….BooH is packed with concrete information and actionable suggestions. There is nothing phony here – no wishful thinking, no gimmicks, no trite spiritualism or pop psychology – no pretense that results can be had without real effort and pain. Sunström’s ideas are firmly based on real science and careful study”

~Matt Warren


The best book for personal development

“There are so many practical tips that it’s impossible to give all of them a fair thought. All the tips are backed up by science about how the body and brain work and. This is a book you should read over and over again to adapt all great content.

I can’t say I recommend this book to everyone, tho. I think most would throw the book away when they do the test in the beginning and find out that they are losers. You must be willing to break out of homeostasis or think a lot of personal development to like the book. But if you do, you will find this book as one of the most important books ever read.”

~Alexander Nielsen


but damn this one is amazing! I really enjoyed the book so far due …

I rarely write a review on the internet, but damn this one is amazing! I really enjoyed the book so far due to it’s practicality. It contains a lot of informations to explain things, but never loses touch with the practical “red thread”. The part about how to lose your addictions are great. Totally recommended!

~Nguyen Viet Quang


“This is a fabulous book. Totally inspiring and packed with practical tips to prevent you sleepwalking through life.

If you aspire to more than you have. If you want to break free from the pack and achieve your goals, this book will help you create the right mindset. One of the best books on the topic I’ve read (and I’ve read a lot).”

~Karim Harbot


“This is THE self-help book… If you’re interested in developing *eternal* motivation to live an amazing life…. I also recommend approaching this book with a specific problem that you’re facing in your life. This book solved the exact problem I was facing, thanks to the “Multi-Tier Strategy,” which suggests shifting back and forth between thinking creatively and executing (taking real action).”

~Stefan Taylor


“Life in the modern world is abundant with resources. Most of the people haven’t learn how to use their free time in a sensible way, and are misled to overindulge themselves with food, porn, TV, social media, etc. This book is about how to distance yourself from that group (become a Homeostasis Breaker).”



“Ludvig studied the methods of the highest human achievers for years… no shortcuts, gimmicks or hacks. It’s doable, manageable, and anyone can do it, but very few will.”



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