I worked for over three years and read more than 200 books as part of the research to complete my long-awaited book Breaking out of Homeostasis. It became a bestseller in its first week.



Breaking out of homeostasis


Breaking out of Homeostasis


 Breaking out of Homeostasis


Book Description:

This book might be termed as belonging to self-improvement, but it also has the best ideas and most actionable advice from fitness, neuroscience, evolutionary psychology and psychology. There’s also some career advice.

Among other things, you’ll learn (1) how to be more adaptable and stress-tolerant, (2) what it takes to change your life, (3) how to use your brain and feel more alive–with 200 unique exercises, (4) how to increase mental vigilance (5) how to learn faster through pattern recognition, and (6) the most important thing for choosing your career before age ~30.

However, this is not a normal self-improvement book. It’s for those who’ve already made the decision to change. Therefore, it is almost all action-oriented. Not much fluff or inspirational stories. Some have said it’s too hard (too informative), a few have been offended, but no one has said it’s not good.


What Readers Are Saying:

From Amazon UK:


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“Take a look inside the first free pages of the book. You will find a summary and key takeaways, and you’ll be sold instantly. I couldn’t put it down… Pure content. No fillers.”

~Ramiro Damil 

“This is THE self-help book… If you’re interested in developing *eternal* motivation to live an amazing life…. I also recommend approaching this book with a specific problem that you’re facing in your life. This book solved the exact problem I was facing, thanks to the “Multi-Tier Strategy,” which suggests shifting back and forth between thinking creatively and executing (taking real action).”

~Stefan Taylor

“Ludvig studied the methods of the highest human achievers for years… no shortcuts, gimmicks or hacks. It’s doable, manageable, and anyone can do it, but very few will.”



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