How to Find People Worthy of Your Time and Get Them to Like You


Do you think it’s hard to find people you’d want to surround yourself with — intelligent people who actually do things?

I know I do did.Continue Reading…

How to Get People to Do What You Want Over the Phone

how to get people to do what you want over the phoneDo you feel less confident speaking over the phone than you do speaking to someone eye to eye?

Most people do.

Most people are much shyer over the phone than they are in real life. Some very intelligent and otherwise respectable people turn to wimps over the phone.Continue Reading…

How to Get on the Radar of Successful People

How to get on the Radar of Successful PeopleI felt golden.

I’d got a fully paid graduate job while doing my thesis at a major marketing company – a job many of my peers would kill for.

Then it happened.

Just a few weeks before I was supposed to start working, suddenly the HR person I’d been in contact with told me that due to the major restructuring going on in the company there was no longer any spot there for me.Continue Reading…