Do You Have Low Omega-3 Levels?

ArcticMed omega 3 premiumAlternate title: How to Fix Your Omega-6 to Omega-3 Imbalance and Rejuvenate Your Cell Membranes

I currently have two main focuses in my life: Business and health.

Without money, you can’t do what you want.

And without health, you can’t live.Continue Reading…

15 Lessons Learned from Mikael Syding

Mikael Syding as seen on TV

We had just finished a 2-hour workout and got out of the gym.

—Now I was going to pick Mikael’s brain: was he going to head a new billion-dollar hedge fund, take one of the CEO positions he had been offered, or maybe become a full-time angel investor? It was not an easy decision to make. . .Continue Reading…

Success is Hard: 7 Evolutionary Mismatches You Must Overcome

evolutionary mismatch - blakeThe other day I was at an alumni event from my university. It was really good, and I met some interesting, accomplished people.

–All of them twice my age or more.

There were maybe 80 people at the event, and I was the youngest one in attendance. I benefited greatly from this contrast.

Two other guys under 30 stood by themselves at a table all night, poundingContinue Reading…

Best Practices for Getting Ripped and Killing it (in the gym)

how to get rippedI was talking to my friend Filip the other day (he’s the guy in the image).

We were discussing some of the mindsets and best practices behind getting ripped and having great gym workouts. Or as I call it — the philosophy of rippedness.

It was surprising, for us both, to notice how similar the core ideas of our gym-ideologies are.

In this article I’ve summarized some of our main ideas and practical tips.

Both Filip and I got ripped pretty fast after having set out to achieve that goal. He did it inContinue Reading…

How to Have Awesome Workouts [Warning: you may become addicted]

great workout

It’s 4 PM.

That means it’s time to hit the gym. I’ve been looking forward to this all day long.

I don’t need to get ready. I got ready an hour ago.

I am already wearing my gym clothes. I am prepared physically and mentally.

When I have these clothes on me, I feel like lifting heavy weights.Continue Reading…

The Minimalist’s Guide For How to Get a Six-Pack

how to get a 6-pack without wasting timeSo you want to get a six-pack? I did too, before I had one. In fact, it was somewhat of an obsession of mine, and I wasted a ton of time doing the wrong things at first.

Most guys want to have a six-pack, but few actually have one. The most common excuse is: “I don’t have the time”, but that’s bullshit. Let me tell you why.Continue Reading…

The 2-Day Fast

2-day fast

Recently there has sprung up a fad called the 5:2 Diet. The two-day fast is not to be confused with that.

About a month ago I was asked by a few people about this 5:2 Diet, and it sounded a lot like my own special fasting strategy.

But it wasn’t.

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How I got Ripped in 2 Years by Following These 13 Principles

ripped in 2 years

Summary of the 13 Principles I Used to Get Ripped:

(1, 2, 4, 5, 12 = most important and least known by most people)

  1. Consistency
  2. (Intermittent) Fasting
  3. Alcohol Rule
  4. Lift Heavy Weights (compound exercises)
  5. 3 Secrets for Boosting Motivation and Breaking Records
  6. ABF: Always Be Flexing
  7. Track Results
  8. The 4 Parts of a Workout
  9. How to Get Good Sleep
  10. Skip Cardio
  11. Protein Intake and The Top Healthy Foods
  12. 3 Health Experiments You Should Do
  13. The Philosophy of Rippedness

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