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Let me start off by telling you about the first one

75 Practical Tips: Distilled Advice to Kicking Ass in Life

This eBook is 58 pages long. 75 practical self-development tips

It contains 75 practical tips divided in 15 different categories. With zero fluff in it. Only highly actionable advice.

I personally use most of these tips myself on a daily or weekly basis.

Here Are the Categories:

  1. How to Boost Your Energy Levels
  2. How to Improve Your Mental Focus
  3. How to Become More Productive
  4. How to Use the Internet Efficiently
  5. How to Learn Things Better
  6. How to Read and Memorize Better
  7. How to Get Good Sleep
  8. How to Eat Healthy and Increase Vitality
  9. How to Build Muscle and Shred Fat
  10. How to Talk Over the Phone Persuasively
  11. How to Improve Your Writing (Simple Tips)
  12. How to Write Articles or Longer Texts
  13. How to Write an Email That Gets Noticed and Read
  14. How to Become – And Stay – Motivated
  15. How to Brainwash Yourself (For Success)

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Now let me tell you briefly about book. . .

#2 Overcoming Information Overload

. . . Which is 29 pages long.

(Information overload = paralysis by analysis.)

Here’s what you’ll learn from reading Overcoming Information Overload

Overcoming Information Overload

  • How to stop information overload from ever happening to you
  • How to “cure” information overload, if you’re already “suffering” from it
  • Why more information is not always better, but can actually HURT you and your decision-making

  • Why most people struggle with information overload and can’t escape its clutches. (Hint: it’s a psychological feedback loop that perpetuates itself.)

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#3 The Bard Notesbard_2

This is a 12-page eBook covering the most important things I learned from meeting and talking to futuristic philosopher Alexander Bard and reading his book The Netocrats.

What does it take to be successful in the (near) future?

You can read The Bard Notes for free here.




#4 Mind Matrix

I sent out this book to subscribers only, for free.

It contained a recommendation of 23 useful software tools (websites, computer programs, etc) that can used for becoming more productive and finding opportunities.

It also contained a narrowed-down collection of software tools that SGM readers use.

Mind Matrix is not available on the site.

But maybe I will make it available some time again–so be sure to subscribe.

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