The Future Skills Podcast with Ludvig Sunström and Mikael Syding

On Future Skills you learn the skills and ideas needed to thrive in an uncertain future.

Quality Quality Quality. These guys know their stuff and aren’t afraid of saying what needs to be heard–even if it’s controversial. I love the multiple formats.

~iTunes review,  Kyleschen

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Every Monday we publish new episodes. Sometimes several per week.

We do three types of episodes:

  1. Practical Episodes (5-25 min) where you learn one big idea to improve your life.
  2. Expert Episodes (25-40 min) where domain experts share the tools and tricks of their trade, and explain how you can use it to succeed in yours.
  3. Deep Discussions (+40 min) with interesting and successful people.

The goal of Future Skills is that you should be able to listen to 2-3 of the shorter Practical Episodes while taking a walk or commuting to work and come away from it with fresh new inspiration for improving a specific part of your life (career, health, finances, social network).

I can’t recommend the work these guys do enough. Much like their books and blogs, this podcast is filled to the brim with practical and insightful knowledge you’re likely not going to get anywhere else. It’s excellent stuff.

~iTunes review, Matheson63

The Expert Episodes take your career to the next level and the Deep Discussions provide a top-level perspective on what’s going on in the world (and how to prepare for accelerating change).

Listen to our episodes:

Insights across the board. No fluff. Great insights. Worthwhile listening.

~iTunes review,  sebastmarsh

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To learn more about the show, browse episode summaries, get bonuses, and more stuff (coming up), head to our dedicated website over at: Future Skills Podcast.

What Our Listeners Are Saying:

Incredibly insightful podcast. This podcast is for people who want to become the best version of themselves and want to know where the future is heading.

~iTunes review,  ccviridian


This podcast delivers great content and is straight to the point. Mikael and Ludvig have the track record to back up their claims and have a good grasp of what matters for you to adapt to a world of increased automation.

~iTunes review, Npard


These guys are super sharp and unlike many other podcasts about business dev, they actually have a ton of practical advice. Happy listening!!

~iTunes review, Frooghead


I’ve been following Mikael and Ludvig for a while now and was incredibly excited when they decided to do a podcast in English. I wasn’t disappointed (already created a commonplace and purchased a big calendar to record energy levels and a few other things).

~iTunes review, Dylmdel


Hands down best new podcast of 2018. Ludvig wrote a great book, Breaking out of Homeostasis, and I’m excited to hear more episodes and look forward to receiving more practical advice to become more successful in life.

~iTunes review, Superhands22

3 episodes in and it’s already one of my favorite podcasts. Highly recommended for those interested in serious personal and professional development and figuring out what skills are worth learning (and learning how to learn). Zero fluff. Focus on stuff that works and what to avoid. Plus, added points for entertainment value by two independent thinkers. Great job!

~iTunes review, dkdk13

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