Releasing The Ultimate Commonplace System

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I’m very excited to announce that The Ultimate Commonplace System is finally out now.

Everyone who is (or wants to become) a successful knowledge worker needs a robust commonplace.

Who is a knowledge worker? (You are, probably)

I’m talking about:

  1. Anyone who’s a manager or decision-maker.
  2. Anyone who’s in a creative line of work.
  3. Anyone who’s paid to think in one way or another.

Basically, everyone who doesn’t rely on manual labor for a living.

(And I pity the fool who does. . .)

If I had had access to this material when I first started my commonplace 4 years ago, it would probably be 3x as valuable.

How much is my commonplace worth now?

Hard to say, as I can’t sell it to anyone. . . It’s an indirect asset.

I “only” use it as a tool for augmenting every significant area of my life.

But at least $50,000.

However, like an investment under compound interest, this number will rise rapidly in the next few years (and going forward) as byproduct of me stepping up to higher levels of success.

The more important a person you are, the smarter and more creative you are, and the more money you make, the more valuable a commonplace is.

The Ultimate Commonplace Potential Value Comparison x2

[Right click + view image for a larger view.]

Because, a commonplace (if set up properly) will help you turn your ideas into money. The better your ideas, and the more skillful you are at implementing them, the more valuable your commonplace is.

It’s a simple enough equation.

I’ve worked hard to ensure that anyone who gets The Ultimate Commonplace System 1 will get at least 10X more value than they paid for.

In a nutshell, here’s what The Ultimate Commonplace will do for you:

  1. Show you how to create a robust commonplace that grows in value.
  2. Teach you all the fundamentals of commonplacing.
  3. Give you the tools to become a lot smarter (how to 10x your learning, become a more accurate thinker, and be more creative).

. . . plus you’ll get a bunch of cool and useful tips for other areas of life.

The Ultimate Commonplacing System bonuses

To buy or read more about The Ultimate Commonplace System, click here.


Got any questions?

I’ll be more than happy to answer them.

Either leave a comment below or email me at


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  1. (and takes action)


  1. Since I also rely on Evernote a lot, I’m curious, have you maybe read their ToC, what rights do they have in dealing with your info, etc.
    *I hope I don’t look paranoid, this seems like a perfectly reasonable question to me.

    • I did this now. They do not access your private stuff unless you are a terrorist/threat to legaility (according to policy). I would guess that we’d hear about it quite quickly if Evernote budged on their privacy.

  2. I have my own system, but trust what you produce, so I’ll buy this on my next round of book purchases, in a couple of weeks.

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence, Roli.

      Even if you have your own system, and it’s working well, you can probably find many new tips or ideas to implement/build on top of what you’re already doing. That’s what I’m hoping will be the main benefit for people who are already commonplacing.

  3. Just finished reading/building system for implementing. First impressions: Please rise price as soon as possible :)
    I can say that I was already pretty ‘advanced’ in using Evernote for commonplacing, had quite similar tag structure etc… But still I learned a ton and would be satisfied if I got away only with that. But the real value comes from the self-reflection (journaling) part, and explaining people why and how to do it. Amazingly well written and really powerful.

  4. I have been “commonplacing” (in my own way) for years. Even before you mentioned it. And, on at least a few occasions, I have searched on the Internet for resources on it, but come up short.

    Your system has given me some good input on how I could improve what I’m doing. I was never thinking about the fundamentals. That’s probably the biggest thing I’m taking away from this, that even though I had spent a long time and felt confidence in my approach, I had not given proper thought to doing it in a scalable and robust way.

  5. Yo man
    First I wasnt sure because most books cost like 10 bucks. But then when I got home and took a closer look i was like OK this could be good. And now I copped it and i have done some stuff to get started and i dont know yet what will happen but it seems like it could make a big difference once i get this shit down.

    • Richard says:

      It’s not a book, it’s a solution. If you take the principles inside, they’ll be worth $500 in ~ 6 months (if it pushes you to better habits & risks etc). In 12 months, it could be worth $3500/$5000+ depending on how serious you are. The monetary value comes from earning capacity. Male life quality is dependent on earning capacity; upgrading your mind to a “creator” mindset is the single most important facet of this.

      • Aight. Ofc i wanna make more money heheh but whats a “creator”? Do u mean it as the word means or what?

      • “Do u mean it as the word means or what?” — Money is made when you take the road less traveled. Male value is determined by who you can tell to fuck off. Female value by who you can suck off (sad but true). If you can’t tell your “boss” to take a hike, you’re a slave. Being a creator means building assets which others can buy. Commonplacing helps this; TUCS doesn’t go into specifics, shows overall setup etc. Digital commonplace will be much more in depth and if you’re one of the 200 first TUCS buyers, you get access to it..

  6. Alex vT says:

    What a fantastic read. Thanks so much. I’ve finished reading TUCS, but I’m nowhere near finished with implementing all of its useful tips. Perhaps the most important tip for me was to use Evernote, and that commonplacing should have incentives built in.

    Switching back from OneNote to Evernote taught me something counter-intuitive about commonplacing. In the beginning I chose to use OneNote, because OneNote is more visual and creates a hierarchy. I like having order and structure. The problem there, was that this disincentivised me to create more notes. Every new note would bring a mentally-resourceful decision: in which category does it belong? After a while, it created a mess anyway, and so every time I created a new note I got this ‘punishment’.

    So, in an unexpected way, Evernote actually works better for me because there is no hierarchy to be worried about. The very thing I crave to optimise isn’t there, so I don’t waste time fretting about it. I just add things and put them into all the categories (tags) that suit. This has already made commonplacing much more effective.

    Looking forward to BOOH!

    PS: Just so you know, I couldn’t find TUCS on Goodreads, so I’ve added it there.

    • Thank *you* Alex!

      Great comments.

      This right here is key:
      “The problem there, was that this disincentivised me to create more notes”

      Those are some major “self-discoveries” regarding Onenote vs Evernote!

      And, thanks for adding it to Goodreads. I was not thinking about that at all. :-)

      • This is something I’m currently struggling with!

        Even with a tag system – surely there should be a hierarchy to this in order to create organisation and structure in the notes?

        Currently have notebooks for all the different categories in my life… it’s already getting fairly complicated!

        Do you have any quick tips on this, or is it a continual process?

        Any quick

      • Quick tip – anything that can be done with several notebooks & tags can be probably easier done with tags only + saved searches. Combining tags & notebook for me creates weird overlappings.

  7. I’m just waiting for BooH. ^^

  8. Hey Ludvig
    I am a big fan of your work and have been “lurking” your site for like 2 years but this is my first comment.
    I got your TUCS yesterday and have spent most of today going through the content fast (like you recommend in your last article) before reading it more deeper.
    From what I see there are many new things for me which I have not seen before anywhere else. With these ideas and actions i can see how you are successful at a young age.
    Thanks for all the helpful essays you have done and i hope to see more soon.

  9. Hey you sent it to me for free being one of the 200 but can you send me a paypal. I want to pay for it anyway

    • Gary 2.0 says:

      Yeah same here — me being one of those who helped out with feedback and providing how I myself practice commonplacing.

      I have skimmed the action-summary and read almost half the manual so far. I don’t know about others, but almost all these tips are applicable to me. Way to over deliver

    • I’m on it now.

      Thanks guys.

  10. Hey Ludvig!

    Really happy you have finally released your product.

    You have provided tons of value for myself and many others over the past years. I will most definitely be buying this commonplace system tonight or tomorrow and getting through it within the week.

    I will let you know what I think.

  11. Hey Im having some problem with paying with my card for some reason . Please email me for PayPal?

  12. I’ve been reading you site ever since Victor Pride featured one of your posts.

    It’s about time you brought a product to the market.

    Anyway, I’ve bought it. I have no doubts it will be excellent, like the rest of the information on your site.

    Now, when the hell is BOOH going to be finished?


  13. Gonna get it now. About Damn time you put something out :D

  14. I’ve been reading your website for ages. I have to say this site has made my life better, I’ve read more this year then in my entire life. I’ve started taking notes while watching long form content on youtube. I walk every day and now, I have started to spend money on things (this) that are a real investment instead of just consumption. I feel so lucky to be in the first 200 to get this system.

    • Martin, that’s awesome progress. I’m gonna feature that. :)

      Thanks for supporting TUCS.

      • Wow I just finished reading TUCS and it was brilliant. I’m looking forward to implementing it this week. I already take notes and keep a journal so it should be easy to move up from there. I have to say this is the best I’ve read all year. I left a 5 star book review on goodreads.
        I think this quote really encapsulates the TUCS;
        -Alvin Toffler
        “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn. ”

  15. All my cards are being declined and they shouldn’t be. Tried 3 cards, all with 0 balances. I am trying to get in on the first 200 peeps. Can you help me fix this?

  16. Awesome! Just bought it and looking forward to read it!

    • Glad to hear it Sergio!

      I hope you will like it. Thanks.

      • I had a look at the ebook and the bonuses yesterday. There’s a lot of helpful advice, can’t wait to implement things!

        Just a quick follow-up question: As I start reorganizing my commonplace, how do I handle tags and notebooks in Evernote? Do you recommend to only use tags and have all notes in one big notebook or do you use specific notebooks for lists, projects and other things? If you wrote anything about this, please point me to the right direction. Thanks!

      • About tagging/notebooks:

        I don’t have any strict rule I follow regarding that, but I would say that I rely about 90% on tags. I have a few notebooks I use, but they could just as well be tags.

        When I think about it, the only reason they are notebooks–and not tags–is because they don’t contain enough notes for me to want to want/need to create an overarching tagging structure. Like this:

        [project name]-[subdivision of work process]


        [recurring topic]-[subtopic]

  17. Seems cool but is it possible to request your money back if it does not help?

  18. Hey Ludvig,

    Is there any reason why you are ending the price in 7? I have seen this number being recommended by the Startup Bros and it has been an internet thing to end prices in 7, however I am not sure whether there is any sound basis behind this number. You don’t see many brick and mortar businesses out there ending their prices in 7.

    I have had a look into this and this trend seems to have been started by a marketer by the name of Ted Nicholas and led to a bandwagoning effect, where people just started adopting the number 7 just because they heard it works. However there were no scientific studies conducted that supported this, except of course for the studies showing psychological pricing.

    However for those, it usually doesn’t really matter if the price ends in 9 or 7, because the same psychological effect is at play. Plus also in the real world, I’ve seen some marketers doing split tests and they found no difference in sales whether they priced their product ending with a 9 or 7, just that if they priced it at 9, they made more money. :)

    I think if you price your product at 49, you might just make 2 more bucks per product. :) However it does deserve some split testing to be sure…

  19. I sent an email. Please attended to it as soon as you have time. Thanks

  20. If you get around to doing a special product solution for managers then please send out an email. I could help you with it. I think I am a great potential customer for that because I would really like a robust commonplace system but I don’t really have the time or motivation to build it. Wish I had found out this 10 years ago.

  21. Hey Ludvig I would like to buy TUCS but my credit card is not accepted for some reason. Any suggestions?

    • O.K.

      –Email me at ludvig@startgainingmomentum so I get your email. Then I will send ask for a direct transfer via PayPal.

      I had this problem with two other people who bought. They were both Swedish, and their bank had some new policy (in regards to online payments) which they had forgot to activate.

  22. Abdullah says:

    No questions, but a suggestion: Add Bitcoin payment. I don’t know if it is a hassle but it could maybe help you out.

    Just bought it and looking through the “Super Actionable Summary”. Seems great – a bunch of stuff I can use for my job (I work with IT).

    Will give the rest of the material a read as soon as my workload drops off a bit. I’ll let you know what works then.

  23. Thanks for sharing your system with us Mr. Sunstrom!
    I have 2 question:

    I have read all your system ‘ s page and I would like to acquire it. But I do not have much money now. Do you have any installment fees?

    How clever to think to sell a special solution to executives. Can you tell more of how you will do such a thing? I am new with business and want to learn from you.

  24. Polybius says:

    Looks great. How much different / useful would you say it is compared to that OneNote article you wrote a long time ago now? I basically copied the approach you outline there and have stuck to it ever since with good results.

    I was not on the waiting list but those bonuses look very Interesting.

    • I would say it is pretty different. But if you copied what I did earlier, then the material inside TUCS should come easily/naturally for you. You should be able to get many good idea for improving what you’re already doing. Hopefully by building on it in a(n even more) scalable way.

  25. How nice Ludvig. I bet it feels good to finally get it out there?

    I am currently commonplacing using Onenote as you showed in your old article. I think it has been very helpful, but I am wondering something for your ultimate commonplace system product:

    You said you do it in Evernote now, which is a software I tried after you recommended, but felt it was too hard for me. So, can I still use the things (tips, bonuses, commonplace systems) you recommend if I use OneNote?


    • It sure does, Jen.

      But this not the end of the project.

      For OneNote:

      You do *NOT* have to use Evernote to benefit from the content of The Ultimate Commonplace System. The fundamentals and tips are applicable regardless of how–the method and medium–you choose to commonplace.

      Evernote is just my personal preference and recommendation for powering your digital commonplace).

      Hope that helps. Otherwise feel free to email.

  26. Shit, if I didn’t get anything on email by now, does it mean that I actually never subscribed, even if I thought I did?
    Never mind, I always wanted to pay you back for your work :)

  27. Badass shooting product video in a park instead of your office haha

  28. Evans III says:

    Thanks for the heads-up yesterday via the waiting list.

  29. Sweet — gonna go through the material tonight (the bonus content looks especially practical) when I get back from work. Been looking forward to this as my commonplace is totally unorganized and I’ve not been able to get it handled. So hoping that the fundamentals will set me straight.

  30. Finally. Got it now.


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