Monthly Newsletter: First Edition

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I am about to hop on a plane and fly all day long.

This will give me lots of time and hopefully no distractions (knock on wood I am not seated next to a screaming kid) to write up the first edition of my new monthly newsletter.

It will contain:

  • My chance meeting with the former Prime Minister of Sweden
  • Lessons, tips, and recommendations
  • Upcoming for 2018
  • Whatever else I can think of that might be useful.

I’ll send it out on 1st of January.

To make sure you get it, sign up here (if you’re not already subscribed).

Happy New Year to you!


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  1. How to you know Ludvig is not a bot??? and there is definitely a gap in the market for adult- only flights

  2. Why is there a captcha to sign up for the newsletter? Is there some concern that bots will… break out of their routine and take over the world?

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